Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy 4th Of July

4th of July

Almost 4th of July !!!!!!

Yippie... Good Times To Come.....
Well, I Have Been In Good Ol Morro Bay Since Saturday... What More Could I Ask For???? Hmmmmm Family..... Yes, That Would Be It... Can't Wait Till They All Get Here!

But The Best Part Of my Time Being Here Is, Spending Time With My Grandma And Grandpa!!!!!!! Yippie... Yippie... Yippie... We Have Had Such A Wonderful Time.... Thank You So Much Grandma And Grandpa.. I Love You Both Sooooo Much !!! How About Me Staying Up In Morro Bay With Ya Forever... Sounds Like A Good Idea To Me Hee Hee.....

Gretchen.. We Will Miss You Alllllll Soooo Much... Hope You All Have A Wonderful 4 th Of July... Enjoy Every Moment.... *~*~* Life * Is * Good *~*~*

*~*~* Faith * Hope * Love *~*~*

Everyone Have A Safe And Wonderful
*~*~ 4th Of July ~*~*

Love To All

Ashley =)